Glasgow solar power project makes enough energy for 122 million cups of tea

Hundreds of Glasgow households are benefiting from lower energy bills after they had solar panels installed on their homes.

A renewable energy project that has seen 500 GHA (Glasgow Housing Association) homes fitted with solar panels is being hailed a success after saving tenants around £388,000 on their combined energy bills.

Tenants who had the solar panels fitted to their roofs have been able to use the free electricity produced during daylight hours, whilst the money received by GHA in renewable energy subsidies is reinvested into GHA homes.

The solar panels have so far generated more than 2.4million kWh of electricity. That's enough to make 122 million cups of tea.

GHA Chair Gordon Sloan joined tenant Kathleen James from Milton who is one of the lucky householders to have benefited from project since it began in 2011.

Kathleen said: “Before we got the solar panels we were always worrying about heating our home and the cost.

“We’ve saved a lot of money over the past four years – and they are so easy to use. It does it all automatically.”

The panels have also helped to cut the carbon footprint of the homes.

Housing bosses have calculated that the renewable energy project has saved more than 1,400 tonnes of CO2 – the same amount of CO2 as would be produced driving a bus 10,560,000 miles.

Alex McGuire, Director of Property for GHA’s parent company Wheatley Group, said: “We’re always looking for innovative ways to do even more for our tenants. The success of the solar panel programme is just one way we are helping tenants stay warm in their homes while keeping energy bills down.

“Not only are tenants noticing the difference in their pockets, the programme is also helping us reduce the city’s CO2 emissions at the same time.”

The panels are fitted on south-facing roofs of semi-detached and terraced homes across the city.

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This article has been adapted from an article published in Glasgow Stv.