Facebook, Bank of America and others commit to cutting their energy use 20%

According to the US energy department tech giants, fast food chains and financial institutions, are the latest companies to commit to improving their energy efficiency.

Big names such as Facebook, Arby’s and Bank of America, have taken up the challenge to reduce their energy use over the next decade, the department announced last week.

The Better Buildings Challenge is a voluntary program in which the participants commit to cut their energy use by 20% over 10 years and provide progress reports on how they are reaching that goal. The US energy department offers technical assistance and matches participants with financial institutions that have agreed to help them carry out their energy reduction plans.

The program now has over 200 members, including businesses, public agencies, schools and multifamily housing owners and operators. Commercial buildings, including schools, use around $200bn worth of energy each year, yet technology and building management approaches are available today that could cut that spending by at least 20%.

Best Buy, Staples and Macy’s were amongst the list of top 11 corporate members who are farthest along in achieving their 20% energy intensity reduction goals, based on data posted on the energy department website.

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This article, including the image, has been adapted from an article published by The Guardian.