DECC in talks over feed-in tariff transferability

UK businesses will be able to take their solar panels with them when they relocate under proposed changes planned by government.

In a consultation launched last week, the government is seeking views on removing barriers for building-mounted solar PV by allowing medium and large installations to be moved between buildings without loss of Feed in Tariff (FiTs) payments.

With an estimated 250,000 hectares of south facing commercial rooftops – the equivalent of 350,000 football pitches - there is massive potential in the UK to turn our buildings into power stations, helping to cut energy bills, reduce pressure on the grid and create jobs.

Launching the consultation, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy, Amber Rudd said, “Around 900 businesses already use solar PV - but I want to see more generating their own electricity. There’s potential for significant growth in this area so it’s vital that we remove the barriers which prevent businesses from benefiting.

If there’s more rooftop solar we’ll see job creation as well as helping us deliver the clean, reliable energy supplies that the country needs at the lowest possible cost to consumers.” Currently, if a FIT accredited installation is moved it becomes ineligible for further support. This can act as a significant deterrent to landlords and tenants who cannot guarantee to have the long-term ownership or lease of a building.

Allowing the panels and the tariff to move with their owner will increase flexibility and make solar PV a much more attractive investment.

SBS can provide a wide range of branded and own-branded solar PV panels for commercial properties that are eligible for FiT payments. If you would like more information on FiTs or solar technologies, please call 0800 688 8388 or email

This information has been adapted from a Gov.UK publication.