**The Harvey Reeves Road branch of City Plumbing Supplies (CPS) has successfully completed its first customer training day on Monday 8th October, after approaching SBS for support.

The training suite at the branch made it an ideal location for the unvented hot water course and gave customers the chance to renew their certificates, which need completing every five years. The course was organised by SBS through its partnership with official training provider, PPL.**

Paul Farey, CPS branch manager, said: “This has been a great opportunity for our branch; not only do we make margin from selling the courses themselves but it’s a great way to build on the relationship we have with our customers. It also provides an opportunity for them to discover new market opportunities and learn about the role we can play in their success.”

Cameron Jeffrey of Cameron & Co, added: “It was a well directed course and pitched just right for the audience. I’ve enjoyed the day and it didn’t get too technical.” Eimear Montague, SBS Services Development Manager, commented: “This course not only met the needs of local customers, but it gave the branch a platform to inform others about the range of other training courses now available through CPS branches.”

Danny Mackintosh, Branch Supervisor at the CPS branch is already planning the next CPS training course - to enquire about holding your own call SBS on 0844 822 0700 or email