Design team provided heat efficient solution for block of flats

The Cube, Bolton

  • Building Type: Multi occupancy, New Build
  • Technology Used: Air Source Heat Pump
  • Client: P&E Plumbing
  • Annual Heat Demand: 226,069Wh
  • SPF: 3.74

Project background: Design and supply an ASHP system for a six storey block of flats with 28 bedrooms per floor. This included a communal common room and ensuring that the heat being produced was equally distributed.

Challenges: The build posed technical challenges from the outset. For instance, as the building was six storeys high, the design needed to consider heat loss. This was because the pumps were at ground level and the heat needed to be equally distributed.

Design & Estimating Added Value: To overcome the potential heat loss, the SBS team designed oversized radiators, controls, tubes, valves and fittings. This was alongside 2 banks of 6 units of 16kW ASHP's and 1 stand alone unit to heat the communal area.

Outcome: The expertise provided by SBS including the design of the system, technical advice and project management was key. This enabled the project to be completed on time, with adequate heating, little disruption to the tenants and a heat pump SPF of 3.74.

Testimonial: ‘The SBS design team provided a solution that worked efficiently and cost effectively for the project. I would recommend and use the design team again in the future.’ Denis Rushworth, Managing Director, Quaystone building

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