Almost half of homeowners have a draughty property, new research reveals

New research published by the Energy Saving Trust, as part of a series of public opinion trackers, found that 44% of homeowners claim to live in properties with draught issues, 38% with condensation issues and 29% with mould. These figures were higher in rented properties.

The research revealed that homeowners are most likely to tackle these issues, with almost a quarter of homeowners with draughty properties planning on installing energy efficient measures within 12 months.

Renewable technologies, such as solar PV and solar thermal, were the most popular energy efficient improvement in terms of financial and time resources, as many of the respondents preferred these over wall and loft insulation, despite living in draughty properties.

Furthermore, the research suggested that many homeowners did not know how much electricity household appliances can use. Only 16% of homeowners were able to correctly identify the amount of money it costs the average UK home to run a fridge-freezer during a year, while just ten per cent knew how much it would cost to run an electric kettle.

Energy Saving Trust estimates UK households could save a colossal £5bn a year through making simple changes to their energy use and investing in home renewables: for example Installing solar panels to south facing detached and semi-detached homes would save over £3bn a year and replacing halogen lights with LEDs would save a huge £380m a year.

David Weatherall, energy efficiency expert for the Energy Saving Trust, says:“Our homes are in better shape than a decade ago. Millions of cavity walls have been insulated in recent years and virtually no totally uninsulated lofts remain. We’ve now got to address leaky homes, encourage more people with suitable homes to invest in renewables and LED lighting and get people thinking about how, when and where they use energy. The bottom line is home owners will benefit from improving their property’s energy performance.”

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This article has been adapted from an article published by Energy Savings Trust.