Air-source heat-pumps top domestic RHI

Air-source heat pumps have topped the domestic RHI installs charts in February, making up a 45 per cent share

​2015 has started positively for the domestic air source heat pump market, afterair source heat pumps produced a record month in February, with 402 applications for new domestic installations.

That equates to 45 per cent of all new installations in February and the second month in a row that air source has been the most popular technology in the Domestic RHI.

Since the launch of the Domestic RHI in April 2014, installations have been dominated by biomass boiler systems, which account for 50 per cent of new installations under the Domestic RHI.

After a rush to install and beat tariff reductions at the end of 2014, biomass has had a slow start to this year. Heat pumps on the other hand, seem to be continuing a slower but less volatile growth.

Air source heat pumps have been the second most popular technology since the launch of the scheme with 29 per cent of new installations and February’s 402 installs outstrips 384 in November.

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This article has been adapted from an article published by Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine.